Taking Great Photos While Out on the Boat

With all the different things a phone can do, there is still something magical about pictures from a trip. But taking photos is not as simple as clicking the shutter anymore. There are many things to consider when taking photographs, especially when you are out on the boat. This is even more true if there are many people involved like the whole family, not to mention little children who are just so hard to capture on film.

Below are some tips from Boatmo.com to help you produce great photos during your family boating vacation or day trip out on the seas.

1. Check the Lighting – The light is very important in producing great photos. Too much light overhead can cast a shadow on your subject and make the photo too dark. Light can also result to overexposure where the colors appear white and washed out like when you have washed a favorite t-shirt over and over again and the colors faded.

2. Check your Battery – Nothing can be more frustrating than finding out that you don’t have any more battery or memory right in the middle of your boating trip. So avoid the frustration and the stress of it all, bring with you enough batteries and memory sticks to last you a year! You’ll never know just how many photographs you will need to take. If you can bring a charger, all the more better. You can just plug it to a portable power source if it runs low.

3. Look for the Unusual – One of the simple rules in photography is to find something unique in the environment or in the sight and take a photo of it. This will make the photo more interesting and will also be a conversation starter in reunions. Make sure though that you know what you are taking photographs of. Bring a notebook with you so that you can record everything that you have seen and took picture of. Photos do not just stop with clicking the camera, it also involves getting to know the story behind the place or the sight and knowing what it is called.

4. Take Photos of People – Nothing makes a photo more interesting than putting people alongside the sights. Besides this is your purpose when you brought your camera, record your family’s experience during a sailing vacation through a photographs. The key here is take as many pictures as possible even if the subjects are not ready. Those candid shots sometimes wind up being the best.

Benefits of Buying a House on a Golf Course

If you’re a golfer, you know there’s no better time to golf than when you’re on vacation. Maybe you’re just passing through, or maybe you’re looking for permanent golf property. Whatever your needs, there’s sure to be a perfect golf course for you. RebatesOnRealestate.com gives some new insight on the how-to’s of this type property. Visit them to discover how to qualify for a new home rebate in your market.

new home rebateOn vacation you fall in love with the area, then think this would be a great place to own a home. The natural beauty of the area, coupled with the warm, sunny weather, make this a great location to enjoy a great game of golf. With all the choices of accommodations available, you might find it prudent to purchase real estate or simply rent a hotel room close to the golf course of your choice.

When searching for golf property while on your vacation, consider places like Costa del Sol. This area on the eastern coast of Spain, on the Mediterranean Sea, is home to a number of luxurious golf clubs. The fabulous weather and gorgeous environment make for an enjoyable vacation.

The internet has opened a whole new world to the vacation shopper. You search properties when you have the time, then compare those accommodations based on your specific needs. Not only will the internet save you the time you’d spend calling around to different hotels, or working with a travel agent, but it might also save you money. You can find great golf packages online. Golf packages generally include airfare, hotel accommodations, rental car and green fees for at least one game of golf.

You might even benefit from booking close to the time of your vacation. If properties have rooms available, often times they discount them at the last minute. You can browse, choose a vacation, pay for your trip, and even print documents without leaving home. If you buy, you know now you have a place to stay on your next golfing trip.

Golf resorts usually offer first-class accommodations to people who live on the property, indulgent amenities and exciting nightlife. So after spending the day on the links, you can return to your resort and enjoy a massage or a body treatment, before heading out to dinner or dancing.

If you are interested in visiting a resort for golfing, it might make more sense financially to buy a property rather than rent. You not only will enjoy the pride in ownership, you enjoy the comfort of being in a place that is warm, with a sunny climate, while enjoying the exciting nightlife that comes with upscale golf courses.

Home Financing – Important Questions to Ask Your Lender

Home financing has exploded in recent years, and with that comes a new degree of complications. There are at least a hundred ways to borrow the money for your next home now. There are several ways for lenders to take advantage of you if you are not doing your due diligence, from hidden charges to all types of prepayment penalties.

Charleston Real EstateLet your lender explain all the various home loans and home finance options available. However, when you finally decide on a product you like, ask as many of the following as are relevant to your loan. Premier One says these are the questions that will protect you when buying that Charleston homes for sale.

Home Finance – Questions For The Lender

– What is the interest rate today, how often is it updated, and when it is locked in?

– What is the APR (annual percentage rate; includes fees, points and mortgage insurance)?

– What is the initial rate (if it is an ARM – adjustable rate mortgage)?

– What is the highest the rate can go to next year (ARM)?

– What are the annual and lifetime caps on the interest rate and payment (ARM)?

– How often is the rate or payment adjusted, and when (ARM)?

– What index is the rate based on (ARM)?

– What margin is added to the index (ARM – it might be the index plus 3%, for example)?

– Is credit life insurance required (this pays off the loan if you die)?

– Is there a chance the fees or costs be waived?

– Are there prepayment penalties?

– How long will the penalty in force?

– What inspections are required, are surveys necessary?

– Is the title search or title insurance required, what will be the cost?

– Is it possible to get all this in writing so I can shop around before I decide?

– Could I get an estimate of all the prepaid amounts that I’m paying at closing?

– Are there “points,” and what will these cost (discount points to reduce interest rate)?

– What state taxes, local taxes, stamp taxes and transfer taxes will I have to pay?

– Will a flood determination be required (to see if the home needs flood insurance)?

– What other costs will there be?

– Is there anything else I should know?

Lenders may not like getting a few dozen financing questions thrown at them, but you have a right to ask before you agree to a loan. Did you know that a 1.5% higher interest rate on a $250,000 loan can cost you an extra $50,000 over the years? Home financing can be as important as getting a good price when it comes to saving money on your home.